Posted by: cochinblogger | February 22, 2015

Cochin Flower Show 2015

IMG 1020.jpg

The Cochin Flower Show has been a long-standing annual event in Cochin, and the 33rd edition was held recently. The organizers usually put on a jaw-dropping spectacle, and this year was no exception. I prefer natural beauty unsullied by the hands of man, but there is no denying the aesthetic impact of flowers arranged in eye-pleasing formations. Here is a selection of photographs I took at the show.

IMG 987.jpg

IMG 988.jpg

IMG 991.jpg

IMG 992.jpg

IMG 995.jpg

IMG 1052.jpg

IMG 998.jpg

IMG 999.jpg

IMG 1005.jpg

IMG 1010.jpg

IMG 1011.jpg

IMG 1013.jpg

IMG 1016.jpg

IMG 1017.jpg

IMG 1018.jpg

IMG 1019.jpg

IMG 1020.jpg

IMG 1021.jpg

IMG 1022.jpg

IMG 1024.jpg

IMG 1025.jpg

IMG 1026.jpg

IMG 1027.jpg

IMG 1030.jpg

IMG 1031.jpg

IMG 1032.jpg

IMG 1033.jpg

IMG 1036.jpg

IMG 1037.jpg

IMG 1041.jpg

IMG 1043.jpg

IMG 1044.jpg

IMG 1045.jpg

IMG 1055.jpg


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