Posted by: cochinblogger | March 5, 2015

Rajasthani Temple Festival in Cochin: Turbans Galore

IMG 761_cr.jpg

Cochin has been home to myriad communities from all over the country. There are the konkani-speaking Gowda Saraswad Brahmins from Goa and elsewhere, who took refuge here from Portuguese religious persecution. There are Gujaratis. There are the Kutchi Muslims hailing from the Kutch region of Gujarat. These communities are perhaps the oldest settlers from other parts of India, and their traditional occupation is trade. After Independence, the sleepy town of Cochin slowly developed into a bustling port city of commercial importance, and other communities found their niche here. I have in earlier posts covered the festivals of the Bengalis and the Sikhs (see Durga Puja in Cochin and To the Gurdwara).

Another of the communities settled in Cochin, the Rajasthanis, took to the streets to celebrate the festival of their temple, the Ramdev temple, which is located on TD Road, not far from the main Gowda Saraswad temple in Cochin, Tirumala Devaswom, which lends its name to the road it stands on. It was the loud drums which told me something was brewing on the streets, and I rushed out with my camera to capture the spectacle. The photos follow. From talking to some of the turbaned ones, I learned that several had traveled all the way from Rajasthan for this festival. I asked them about their impressions of Kerala. They were fascinated by the abundance of water here. Their own state, Rajasthan, of course, is famously dry, home to camels and the Thar desert.

IMG 762.jpg

IMG 763.jpg

IMG 764.jpg

IMG 765.jpg

IMG 766.jpg

IMG 767.jpg

IMG 768.jpg

IMG 769.jpg

IMG 770.jpg

IMG 771.jpg

IMG 772.jpg

After the legs come the wheels.

IMG 773.jpg

IMG 775.jpg

IMG 776.jpg

IMG 777.jpg

IMG 779.jpg

IMG 780.jpg

IMG 781.jpg

IMG 783.jpg

IMG 784.jpg

IMG 782.jpg

IMG 787.jpg

IMG 788.jpg

IMG 785.jpg

IMG 786.jpg

IMG 788.jpg

And now the holy men with their distinctive clothes and head gear.

IMG 790.jpg

IMG 791.jpg

IMG 793.jpg

IMG 794.jpg

IMG 795.jpg

IMG 796.jpg

IMG 797.jpg

The kids convoy.

IMG 800.jpg

IMG 798.jpg

IMG 799.jpg

IMG 802.jpg

The welcome arch near the Ramdev temple.

IMG 803.jpg

Later that day, I met some of them in a mall.

IMG 804.jpg

At the venue of the bhajan (devotional songs) session in the evening.

IMG 814.jpg

IMG 815.jpg

IMG 816.jpg

IMG 820.jpg

IMG 823.jpg

IMG 827.jpg

IMG 830.jpg

IMG 832.jpg

IMG 834.jpg

IMG 836.jpg

IMG 839.jpg


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