Posted by: cochinblogger | September 24, 2015

Birds of Kerala: The Sri Lankan Frogmouth (Female)


The Sri Lankan frogmouth, up close and personal.

It’s found only in Sri Lanka and the Western Ghats, but Thattekad is your best bet to spot it. That said, you wouldn’t spot it even if it were right under your nose, because it blends wondrously into the foliage. You will need an expert birding guide (we had more than one) to find the bird for you, but the moment you take your eye off it, you’ll need the guide’s help to locate it again. Meanwhile, the bird will have stayed rooted to the spot, confident in the invincibility of its invisibility. This individual (and I think it’s a female) was at eye level, just a few feet away.

Shot at Thattekad during the Dragonfly India 2015 dragonathon.

See and The Sri Lanka Frogmouth (this is a male).

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  1. One of the easiest birds to photograph especially if you have a guide. I too had a similar experience at Thatekkad where the guide pointed his finger to where the bird was but simply couldnt recognize it. Congratulations on getting this photo, its any birdwatchers wishlist bird. But we should learn to spot it by its sound and thats the difficult part.

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