Posted by: cochinblogger | January 13, 2016

Aerial Pooping Point

Brahminy kite walkway.jpg

This is a Brahminy kite I shot from the Marine Drive walkway. It is known as the red-backed sea eagle in Australia. The name “Brahminy” has a religious origin. According to Wordnik, it means “devoted to Siva [Lord Shiva] by the Brahmans”; thus, the Brahminy bull, the Brahminy duck, etc.

One of the unique qualities of birds is the dignified way in which they poop. Hardly a feather is ruffled when a bird poops. A pooping bird continues to look majestic and graceful thanks to a fortuitous conjunction of anatomy, geometry, and gravity. Even the magnificent tiger has to assume a comical half-squatting posture while pooping. And as for us humans, the less said the better.

Is my Brahminy kite pooping? One can’t really tell, which proves my point. 🙂

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