Posted by: cochinblogger | May 29, 2016

Transgender Art in Cochin


The transgender community is of late becoming increasingly visible in Cochin. I have seen many of them walking on the streets in small groups or in pairs, and in restaurants. This is a positive development; they need to be integrated into the mainstream. A step in the right direction is the plan rolled out by the Kerala government a few months ago for transgenders (Kerala Becomes the First State to Unveil Transgender Policy). Another piece of good news from Kerala was this report regarding the first person from the transgender community of Kerala to cast her vote in an election: Kerala Elections: Transgenders Vote for the First Time. It looks as though the cruel societal stigma that had made the community in the state all but invisible in the past is in the process of slowly crumbling.

However, today’s newspaper contained the following disturbing report: Transgenders on Collision Course with the Police. One can only hope this is a temporary state of affairs.

An exhibition of art by transgenders was held at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery a few days ago. These photos are from the exhibition. The tag line of the top exhibit reads (bottom right): “From Miseries to Showering Ecstasy.” And the tag line of the bottom exhibit reads: “Mind or Body, Which Is the Nest.”


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