Posted by: cochinblogger | June 2, 2016

Wet Reception for “Ovation of the Seas” in Cochin


No sooner had I stepped out yesterday evening for my customary walk than the skies opened up. I had an umbrella, but it was not much protection. In short order, I was drenched. The water even got into my shoes, and my feet squelched as I walked on. Once inside the Subhash Park, which was deserted, I was greeted by this sight, which I immediately connected with the following report that I’d read in the newspaper that morning:

Gallery to Showcase Art for Cruise Tourists

By now, the fury of the rain had abated. The sun had set, and the lit-up ship was a striking contrast to the inky clouds above it. I crouched down under my umbrella and took a few pictures.

Returning home, I knew the monsoon had arrived. The cruise ship tourists are fortunate to get a taste of the Kerala monsoon.

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