Posted by: cochinblogger | October 31, 2016

Grass Demon in My Yard

grass demon.jpg

This butterfly, a Skipper, is usually seen during the monsoons near forest streams. It's host plants are ginger and turmeric, the presence of which will sometimes lure it into cities. In all probability, there are ginger/turmeric plants growing either in or near my yard. This is a bold butterfly and will ignore human observers, making them easy to photograph. Once they take to the air, they are hard to track with the eye, as their flight is swift and erratic. They are nectar lovers, as their long probosces testify. Males and females look alike.

I wonder about butterfly names. Is there anything fiendish in this butterfly's appearance that justifies calling it a demon?!

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  1. The dark colour? I can see Darth Vader decked out in wings like that!

    • Ha, ha, ha!

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