Posted by: cochinblogger | November 30, 2016

Rocking the Ramparts of St. Teresa’s: Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016 Appetizer


It's biennale time again! Two years have flown by since the last edition in 2014 (which I missed; but I did visit the inaugural edition in 2012: see Graffiti at the Kochi Muziris Biennale), and the newspapers nowadays are full of biennale news. Most of the action is centered around Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, but the enthusiasm is contagious and infects the entire city. I was in a bus the other day when I spied some colorful goings-on near the wall of St. Teresa's College on the canal side. As is my wont when I see something interesting from a moving vehicle, I reached for my camera and hopped out when the bus slowed down.


It was a heart-warming scene. The walls of our city are, it must be said, drab for the better part of the year, springing to life only during election time, when they are defaced by electoral graffiti and posters of electoral candidates. And here they were, ablaze in a riot of color. The "culprits" were, as you might have guessed, the students of St. Teresa's doing their bit to popularize the biennale.



The one above, I was told, was done by the biennale artists; the rest were the work of the students. I returned that evening to admire the finished pieces.





The biennale has been one of the most positive developments in the city over the past few years. Artists from all over India and the world congregate here and put up exhibits, exhibitions, lectures, documentaries, music, and so on. The creativity in the air is palpable.

And the best part of such events is the catalyzing effect they have on the larger community the event is embedded in. The biennale, in a manner of speaking, does not end with the biennale. Those at the helm continue to bring events to town in the two years that elapse from one biennale to the next. For example, every week they host a musical show that entertains patients on the campus of the Ernakulam General Hospital, where the performers are well-known musicians:

Biennale Ends, the Healing Touch of Arts Lingers On

One musician at such a program, I read elsewhere, said the glow on the faces of the patients was ample reward for him.

The art on the walls of St. Teresa's college is another example of the heady creative ferment the Biennale helps brew in the city.(Or if you prefer, another example of the heady creative brew the Biennale helps ferment in the city.)

Bravo, girls! Keep rocking them ramparts!

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  1. These are glorious!

  2. Good for the St Teresa Girls!

  3. beautiful graphitti.

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