Posted by: cochinblogger | June 7, 2019

Easy Rider Redux

Shot from a moving auto-rickshaw on Banerjee Road.

He's one of a group of nine youngsters who set out for the city on bikes from the Infopark region of Kakkanad every morning at the crack of dawn and return rejuvenated to begin their workday. I've never seen him before, so how do I know so much about him? Read on.

I was traveling in an auto when I saw this biker just ahead of me. Zipping open my camera bag, I requested the driver to overtake the biker so that I could shoot him. He obliged. At a traffic signal, I showed the driver the photo I had taken. He nodded his appreciation.

"He is one of a group of nine who bike to the city every morning from the Infopark," he told me.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"One of the riders had a flat one day, and hailed me. I took him and the bike to the nearest repair shop, which was some distance away. We got talking. That's how I know."

I'm an inveterate auto user, and found myself once again admiring the intimate knowledge the auto driver has of the city and its inhabitants. It's not just that they keep an ear to the ground, but that they have six ears: two in the usual place, and four that roll along on the ground.

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