Posted by: cochinblogger | June 10, 2019

Matadors of the Rain

The monsoon has arrived in Kerala, and with it have erupted the matadors of the rain: the frogs. They are more heard than seen, and their loud croaks are a reassurance that all is not lost though much of the natural world is disappearing before our eyes.

However, the Indian bullfrog is a fearsome predator whose diet apparently can include other frogs, snakes, chicks, ducklings, centipedes, etc., given the opportunity. It is a fierce carnivore — even a cannibal — even as a tadpole. Yes, I found all this difficult to believe, but see how as an invader it has wreaked havoc in the Andamans:

Walking down T.D. Road yesterday on a rain-swept night, this huge bullfrog hopped in front of me on the pavement. I managed to take this one-handed shot as it froze beside a wall.

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